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How to Plan a Successful Bar Mitzvah

Every society has its coming of age ceremonies. These are ceremonies that mark a shift from one stage of life to another. In the Jewish tradition, boys that turn 13 years old become accountable for their actions — known as a bar mitzvah.

The tradition changes slightly for girls and whether they’re a Conservative, Orthodox, or Reform Jew. Conservative and Orthodox Jews have a bat mitzvah when a girl reaches 12, while Reform Jews hold a bat mitzvah at 13. Since this is a special day for your son or daughter, it’s often accompanied by a big celebration with friends and family. You need to be well prepared and know how to plan a bar mitzvah so that everything can run smoothly. Here’s a guide to planning a bar mitzvah that’s guaranteed to be a success!


Many parents and guardians often wonder, “How do you prepare for a bar mitzvah?” Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the whole celebration is the date. The synagogue is typically responsible for assigning the date to the child. However, it’s often on a date very close to the child’s actual birthday. In most cases, you’ll get assigned a date up to three years in advance.


Although the actual ceremony happens at the synagogue, you’ll need a serene environment for the party. The right venue is crucial because a peaceful environment will be memorable for your child and guests.

At Colonial Golf & Tennis Club, we understand your need for exclusivity, which is why we only hold one event per day on the premises. We can arrange an outdoor party, but can also move it indoors if the weather doesn’t cooperate. We’ll even help you make decisions regarding organizing a bar mitzvah ceremony, especially when it comes to food. We use on-site, indoor catering to make the entire process easier. You can trust our talented chefs to create a delicious menu for your bar mitzvah.

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Since this is a party, entertainment is also an important part of your bar mitzvah. Depending on your budget, you can choose how to celebrate a bar mitzvah extravagantly or conservatively.

Since it will likely be a mixed-age party, you need to strike a balance for the various ages. The aim here is to let everyone feel included and avoid favoring one age group more than the other. Depending on your child’s preferences, you can choose between hiring a disc jockey or a band. Kids tend to love DJs, and that could keep them busy during cocktail hour for the adults. It might also help to have some games for the children.


Every parent wants their children’s bar mitzvah to be as memorable as possible. At Colonial Golf & Tennis Club, we’ll organize a bar mitzvah ceremony you will remember for years to come. With a breathtaking outdoor space and vigilant staff ready to help with whatever you need, you can trust us to handle this important life event. If your child’s bar or bat mitzvah is around the corner, contact us today to discuss and plan for that incredible occasion.

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