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Retirement Parties

Reaching the final milestone of your career is a cause for celebration. If you’re retiring soon, congratulations! Colonial Golf and Tennis Club can help you plan a memorable retirement party for your coworkers and friends.

Located in central Pennsylvania, we create memorable events near your business. Our team will work with you to throw a formal luncheon or themed office party to commemorate your going away, with in-house catering to fit your group’s needs.

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Tips For Throwing a Retirement Party

While you’re looking for a retirement party venue in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, planning for the occasion will help you get ready to send out your invitations.

1. Write The Guest List

Writing a guest list will help you get organized before you start inviting people.

Let’s say you want to invite the coworkers in your department or those you regularly interact with instead of your entire company. If you work in a small company, planning your guest list could include the whole company, while larger companies might have to be more selective. You might even get to invite everyone in your building and people from outside of work.

If your company has a group on Facebook, Microsoft Teams or another app, you can easily create a list from the user handles. A saved group email message can also help you make sure you include all of your colleagues. Any way you plan for it, making a guest list will allow you to double-check that you included all of your team members.

2. Decide On A Budget

Even large-scale office parties can be affordable when you plan ahead. You can host a retirement venue without booking live entertainment or a professional photographer. If your guest list is lengthy, you want to ensure that the food and decor costs stay within an affordable range. If you’re hosting the party yourself or on the retiree’s behalf, setting a budget will allow you to save money for the most necessary resources.

3. Set The Date

Are you going to host your retirement party before, during or after your last whole week? You might want to take a poll to see when your favorite colleagues are available. Your party will give them the chance to say goodbye.

Early planning can put your mind at ease and let everyone can schedule accordingly. Saturday celebrations are great fun, but people tend to have plans over the weekend that could bar them from coming. You might feel like putting off your party arrangements because there’s something unreal about leaving a place where you’ve spent so many years.

If you’re planning a retirement party for a coworker, get their input about the time and place that works best. A surprise retirement party has to be kept under wraps, or else there are too many chances for it to slip out during casual conversations at work accidentally. This might result in people being unable to attend or needing to leave early. Choosing the date early lets you move onto the venue and give your guests plenty of notice so they can clear their schedules.

4. Decide On The Venue

Where you choose to hold the retirement party will have an impact. Why use an empty office where you might have little space to create a festive atmosphere? Hosting the party off-grounds from your workplace will ease guests into relaxation mode. A rented venue will help provide a unique aesthetic for your special occasion, and booking the event ahead of time will ensure that you get the best possible room or banquet hall.

A party venue might offer various options for you to select from, like scenic outdoor settings, venue rooms and even large ballrooms for when you have a long guest list. You might decide where to host the party based on aesthetic preferences or because it would be a private space. Deciding on your venue early will accelerate the planning process, so you can move on to decorating, drinks and food.

5. Determine A Theme

Before you begin decorating, decide on a theme. Office parties can be minimalistic in color, with elegant decorations and soft seasonal highlights. Even a simple theme will help tie everything together. If you want to have fun with it, you can always choose something unique or silly to base the party on and maybe integrate a few inside jokes.

Let your personality shine through in your retirement party’s theme. This will likely be your favorite coworkers’ last chance to see you regularly for a while, so you should get to celebrate with them in the way you would most enjoy. Whether you would like a rustic garden party or a cozy gathering with champagne and cake, you have options to make this venue your own.

6. Pick A Caterer

Sharing refreshments and a meal with your guests will help complete the party atmosphere. If you prefer that the venue provides this service, Colonial Golf and Tennis Club caters delicious food on-site for all parties held at our indoor facilities. The food is chef-prepared with locally sourced ingredients, and catering specialists help make the arrangements while following all routine sanitation procedures.

When you book with us, you get a selection of classic dishes, including seasonal specialties. We also take any dietary preferences or food allergies into consideration. You can customize your meal options based on your preferences and theme. We serve the food at formal dinners, or you can host a banquet-style meal or buffet.

7. Have Coworkers Sign A Card

If you’re holding a party on a retiree’s behalf, getting the office to sign well-wishes on a thoughtful card is a great way to show your appreciation. Finding or making a card is a small act of kindness that goes a long way. As someone leaving the office, holding onto the card as a special memento of your last big office party.

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If you or a coworker friend is retiring soon, the Colonial Golf and Tennis Club event team provides catering services and venue rentals customized to your goals. We have enough space for up to 300 guests in a large-scale venue. You can host office parties of any size with plenty of room, from intimate settings to ballroom parties where hundreds of guests can mingle.

Contact us today to learn more and start planning your retirement party.

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