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Golf Lessons in Harrisburg, PA

Whether you are a beginner or interested in brushing up on your existing golf skills, you can enjoy a premier golf learning experience at Colonial Golf & Tennis Club. We offer golf lessons that suit your skill level with experienced golf coaches.

Discover the Colonial Golf & Tennis Club Advantage

With an exceptional coach and a long-standing history as a reputable country club, Colonial Golf & Tennis Club will ensure a memorable experience as you progress through your golf lessons.

The Benefits of In-Person Golf Lessons

While online golf lessons provide you with the needed skills to play golf, in-person lessons deliver a unique learning experience and take place according to your personal progress. Our in-person golf lessons include a range of benefits, such as:

  • Tailored lessons: At Colonial Golf & Tennis Club, our course caters to learners of every level, whether you need the fundamentals of golf or some guidance on taking your skills to a more professional level with advanced golf lessons.
  • Immediate feedback: Our coach integrates feedback into your lessons so you can grow your golf skills faster. Your coach will provide constant insights into your posture, motions and technique during your lessons.
  • Lasting relationships: When you start golf lessons, you join a large community of fellow golfers. Playing golf during or after your lessons allows you to socialize with other golfers, close friends and family. Since golf has a prominent place in most businesses, you can also join your colleagues and customers on the course as you discuss business.

Meet Rick Gibney – PGA Head Professional

At Colonial Golf & Tennis Club, we want our learners to have the best training, and who better to train them than a Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) professional like Rick Gibney? Rick is our general manager and a PGA head professional who holds several golf awards, including PGA Professional of the Year from the Central Counties Chapter of the Philadelphia Section and the Philadelphia Section Merchandiser of the Year.

Enhance Your Game With Expert Guidance

In his years of coaching at Colonial Golf & Tennis Club, Rick has established an impressive track record of guiding golfers to their desired level. You can count on Rick’s professional experience to enhance your golfing skills.

What You Will Learn During Your Golf Lessons

Colonial Golf & Tennis Club’s lessons are designed to meet different skill levels. For example, our beginner golf lessons cover the fundamental elements of golf, such as your grip, posture and swing. When your skills grow, Rick will move you onto more advanced techniques, working on your course management and mental game.

Preparing for Your Golf Journey

Get the most out of your golf lessons by preparing for each one. Have comfortable golfing attire, a visor, a glove and sufficient water to keep you hydrated. You can also prepare yourself by setting personal goals and making a list of questions you’d like to ask your coach.

Our Golf Lesson Services

When you book golf lessons at Colonial Golf & Tennis Club, you invest in yourself. Rick will help you reach your desired outcome within a set period of time. Besides equipping you with the needed golf skills, we create a relaxing yet exciting atmosphere for you to enjoy your learning experience.

Pricing for Golf Lessons

Our pricing packages for adult golf lessons include:

  • $60 half-hour lesson
  • $160 series of three lessons

Start Improving Your Game With Colonial Golf & Tennis Club

With Colonial Golf & Tennis Club, signing up for golf lessons is quick and easy. Simply email Rick Gibney to schedule your first lesson. You can also fill out an online contact form below for more information on our golf lessons in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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