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11 Tips for a Successful Summer Wedding

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Summertime offers all the opportunities for a beautiful wedding day — flowers in bloom, picturesque backdrops, a warm glow and a vibrant atmosphere. Warm temperatures make for a pleasant wedding day, and with a bit of planning, you can ensure that you and your guests stay cool and content throughout the day. 

Preparing yourself and your guests for summer vibes and temperatures on your big day is essential. Here are 11 summer wedding tips to make your day as special as possible: 

1. Set a Cost-Effective Budget

Many people dream of the perfect summer wedding. Summer is a popular season for weddings, so venues may raise prices or offer summer deals. Choosing a wedding venue that offers cost-effective rates and packages like complimentary wedding tastings or discounted rehearsal dinners and bridal showers can make your wedding cost-effective and help you stick to a realistic budget. 

2. Keep Everyone Cool

Summer heat can be less than comfortable, especially when wearing formal attire. Consider a venue that offers natural shade cover, like a beautiful tree and flower arches, to keep you and your significant other cool and calm through your ceremony. Keep your guests cool and content with a tent cover during the ceremony or pick a venue with lots of natural outdoor shade to shield your guests from the sun. You can also supply compact umbrellas at your venue entrance for guests to use before and after the ceremony and when enjoying hor d’oeuvres. 

3. Choose the Cooler Part of the Day

Consider having your ceremony at cooler times of the day. The sun peaks around noon in many places and continues to heat up throughout the afternoon. Choosing a ceremony time before noon can lighten the warm air and help you and your guests feel more comfortable. 

4. Keep Your Guests Hydrated

Another way to keep everyone content amid the summer heat is to provide refreshing drinks while your guests wait for the ceremony to begin. Fruit-infused water is refreshing and tasty and keeps your guests hydrated before your cocktail hour or reception. Offer refreshing drinks upon your guest’s arrival and ask your venue’s catering service about placing water decanters in convenient areas so that your guests can help themselves. 

5. Provide Additional Summer Supplies

You can go one step further and ensure your guests have all the essentials for a summer’s day. Consider supplying sunblock, sunglasses matching your wedding colors or DIY fans so your guests can keep cool throughout the day. You can create summer wedding essential packages to gift your guests upon arrival. 

6. Stay Ahead of the Weather 

Choose a venue that offers a backup venue

With summer comes rain, so it’s best to plan for light rain or thundershowers if you plan to have your ceremony outside. Today, many wedding venues have indoor locations and tent coverings that they can prepare and design to fit your wedding vision ahead of your big day in case of rain or other weather-related concerns. Choose a venue that offers a backup venue in the chance of rain or can supply tents and covers to keep the rain out if you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding. 

7. Serve Light Refreshments

Cocktail hour is an excellent way to entertain your guests after your ceremony and keep them content while you and your significant other enjoy your outdoor photoshoot. Many venues offer in-house catering services and can plan and prepare your cocktail hour and reception menu. Speak to your venue’s catering service about serving light refreshments — like charcuterie boards full of refreshing fruits, cold meats and cheeses — or any other light foods that are easy to eat on a hot day. 

You can get creative and make some DIY personal wooden cheese boards, so each guest receives a board to fill with delicious snacks. Or, you can ask your venue coordinator about setting up an ice cream or frozen yogurt bar and treat everyone to a fun and refreshing snack. 

8. Consider a Seasonal Menu

Warm hearty meals can be overwhelming in temperatures upwards of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Consider summer meal trends like fresh seafood dishes, fresh produce, herbs, ice cream or light cheesecake desserts. Many venues offer catering packages with menus for every season. Plus, a venue catering service can advise you on excellent meal and dessert dishes that align with your special day. You also want to keep your dishes cool and fresh throughout the day to prevent desserts from melting and food from losing its freshness. 

9. Think About Airflow 

You want to ensure that you and your guests are cool and comfortable during the dinner and speeches, especially on a hot day. If you’re planning an indoor or tent reception, choose a venue that has air conditioning or allows you to supply your cooling agents like mist sprayers. A crowded room can make the room seem stuffy, especially on hot days. A venue with flexible or large spacing can also help spread everything out so that you and your guests can move around easily. 

10. Consider Summer-Friendly Dresses and Suits

Consider dress and suit materials that are light and airy and can keep you comfortable on a hot day. Fabrics like natural silk, chiffon and tulle are lightweight, breathable and can help you stay cool in the afternoon. Whatever material or design you choose, many venues have on-site bridal and guest suits so that everyone can change or adjust their dresses and suits to the temperature throughout the day. 

11. Keep Your Wedding Favor Lite

Pair your wedding favor or thank-you gift with the season. Personalized wine bottles or gift bags are excellent ideas for summer wedding gifts. If your venue comes with its bar, ask them if you can buy mini bottles of wine or champagne that you can personalize with a photo of you and your significant other for a light and refreshing thank-you gift. Many venues may include bar services in their catering or venue packages, so you can speak to them about purchasing your party favors beforehand. 

Plan Your Perfect Summer Wedding With Colonial Golf and Tennis Club

Plan your perfect summer wedding with Colonial Golf and Tennis

You want to ensure your wedding venue covers you on your special day. Colonial Golf and Tennis Club offer various seasonal wedding services to help you plan your wedding day at different times of the year. Our versatile facility caters to various outdoor summer weddings. We can help you create your ideal summer wedding with beautiful natural backdrops, multiple amenities like bridal and guest suites, and an alternative indoor venue. 

We have on-site catering and bar services, and our expert head chef and catering crew can help you create a refreshing and delicious summer food and drink menu. We offer you the space and services for a delightful and successful summer wedding. 

Contact us today to find out how we can make your summer wedding memorable. 

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