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How to Create a Banquet Theme in 5 Simple Steps

A fun theme can make a good event unforgettable with just a few simple tweaks. But how do you make a theme for a party — one that makes your banquet stand out from the rest? 

Whether you have a party theme in mind, need a few ideas for inspiration or want a step-by-step road map for how to create a banquet theme, we have the perfect guide for you.

Select a Fun Theme

Step one is the fun part — choosing your theme! One of the best ways to select a banquet theme is to look at the calendar. What popular holidays surround your event date? Next, do some personal reflection or investigate your guest of honor if you’re planning a banquet for someone else. 

For example, are you planning a bridal shower in July? A beach- or pool-themed bridal shower might be perfect for you and your friends if you enjoy chilling in the pool during the summer months. Or, say you’re planning a February wedding. If your wedding colors include red, pink and white, you could make a few design tweaks to turn the occasion into a Valentine’s Day-themed event. 

Some other popular ideas for party and banquet themes can include:

  • Celestial/galaxy.
  • Prom night.
  • A past decade, like the ’70s.
  • Hollywood glamour.
  • Carnival.
  • A popular movie or book.
  • A cultural, seasonal or holiday theme.
  • A favorite plant or animal.

Find a Color Palette

Next, you’ll want to choose a color palette to complement your theme. The color palette you choose will guide your decor and design decisions. 

For example, let’s say you’ve chosen a Valentine’s Day theme for your wedding or bridal shower. You’ll likely know to gravitate toward red, pink and white items when you’re on the hunt for your party gifts and decor items or creating your party invitations. For a Christmas-themed event, you can focus on a red and green color palette.

Tell Your Guests About the Theme

You should also let your guests know about the theme in your party invitations, especially for a holiday- or period-inspired banquet. Telling your guests in advance will give them enough time to create the perfect costume or outfit. 

If you plan for guests to dress up, include a photo booth or green screen with themed props so they can post their photos on their social media. You can also let attendees know there will be a best-dressed competition to inspire their creativity and encourage them to dress up.

Choose Theme-Inspired Decor

Next, your food, beverages and decor should reflect your theme as best as possible — even if they just match your color palette. Once you know your theme, the decor possibilities are virtually endless.

For example, for your Valentine’s Day-themed event, you could layer the room with red, pink and white balloons and streamers. Another fun idea would be to scatter heart-shaped confetti across the tables and choose chocolate-covered strawberries, pastel-colored cake pops or candy heart-themed cupcakes for your desserts. Your drinks might include pink lemonade, rosé or pink champagne. 

If you’re not sure where to begin your research, Pinterest is a great place to find picture-based themed decoration ideas. You can also save your favorite pictures on a vision board to refer back to them as you plan your banquet. 

Select the Right Venue 

Finally, choose a venue that matches your vision for your themed banquet. Depending on your location, you may be able to find a venue that complements or matches your theme — like a vintage banquet hall for your ’50s-inspired party. 

Remember to ask the venue beforehand if they allow you to decorate the walls or bring your own furniture and props. 

Throw a Themed Banquet With Colonial Golf and Tennis Club

Ready to begin planning your themed banquet? Create a unique menu with our friendly Colonial Golf and Tennis Club team. Since 1956, our timeless facility has provided the perfect backdrop for themed events, from bat or bar mitzvahs and birthdays to baby and bridal showers. 

Our esteemed head chef and experienced catering crew can help you craft a delicious, on-theme menu to please your guest’s taste buds and set your party apart from the rest. We happily welcome our guests to customize the venue space to meet their theme’s aesthetic needs. 

Tell us about your party theme ideas by filling out our event contact form. We look forward to helping you transport your guests to another time and place at your themed banquet! 

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