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Five Essential Tips for Creating a Banquet Menu 

Are you wondering how to create a banquet menu? Next to entertainment, food and beverages are some of the most important aspects of any memorable event. Luckily, you have control over building the menu as the event planner. 

With complete control comes the responsibility to accommodate your guests — including their preferences and dietary needs. Most catering providers have menu options to make planning events easier, but you should always be able to change the dishes to meet your guests’ needs. 

1. Know Your Meal Type 

The process of banquet menu planning should begin with selecting the type of meal you want — whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. In addition to knowing your meal type, consider the time your guests need to eat, as this will impact when you should start dining. 

For example, a sit-down, plated meal usually requires a couple of hours, so your breakfast banquet may need to begin by nine to end before the brunch hour. 

2. Consider Your Guests

It’s best to consider your guests’ food allergies, sensitivities and dietary needs before creating a menu. If possible, try to find out more about your guests beforehand by sending out food surveys before the event. 

Knowing all of your guests’ dietary needs will put everyone at ease, especially if some guests have acute sensitivities to nuts, lactose, gluten or shellfish. 

If you aren’t sure about whether your attendees have allergies or intolerances, be sure to serve dressings and condiments on the side and mark alternative dish options on your menu with special characters — like the acronym GF for gluten-free dishes. 

3. Select the Best Food Options 

Once you know your guests’ dietary needs, you can select dishes that will wow them. Some caterers — especially restaurants — will have a signature or regional dish they may recommend. 

If your guests are from different regions or countries, they may appreciate your attention to detail if you choose to serve one of their culture’s traditional foods or meals. 

No matter your dish choices, consider including fresh, delicious and colorful ingredients for a spectacular presentation. You may want to try to incorporate organic or locally sourced ingredients, as well, for added health benefits. 

4. Offer Alternative Dishes

In addition to having allergies, your guests may not prefer or be able to eat certain foods or dishes for personal or religious reasons. Some may also be vegan or vegetarian. 

It’s best to include at least one or two alternative dishes in your banquet menu to accommodate dietary needs or food preferences — especially if you’re serving a large group of people. 

Two to three entrée choices, a few salads and two desserts should be enough to accommodate different dietary needs and preferences. 

5. Choose the Right Seating Layout

Generally, banquet-style seating comprises a long, rectangular table in a boardroom-style setup, which is excellent for fostering conversation. However, your banquet seating layout should suit your unique event type. 

Your banquet may be formal or informal or have 10 or 100 guests. Whatever the case, your seating layout can reflect the atmosphere and needs of your event. 

For example, a bride and groom may want to sit at the center of a U-shaped table to see all of their guests. Or, a keynote speaker or presenter may prefer a classroom-style setup where all tables face forward so guests can view a presentation as they dine. 

Create a Banquet Menu With Colonial Golf and Tennis Club

Since 1956, our Colonial Golf and Tennis Club team has helped create delicious, memorable banquet menus for large and small events. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering to celebrate an anniversary or need to design an extensive wedding banquet menu, our experienced catering crew can help. 

We can create a banquet menu for and cater any event, including:

  • Weddings.
  • Rehearsal dinners.
  • Bar/bat mitzvahs.
  • Baby showers.
  • Bridal showers.
  • Anniversaries.
  • Birthdays.
  • Retirement parties.
  • Funerals.
  • Corporate gatherings.

Our acclaimed head chef will work with you to create a banquet menu that will delight your guests, exceed your expectations and leave everyone fully satisfied. We can do it all and then some with locally sourced, delicious ingredients — from seasonal and traditional American-style dishes to rarer dishes — to meet your particular preferences. 

Contact Us to Learn More About Creating a Banquet Menu

Planning a banquet menu for an event is simple when you partner with an experienced caterer. Learn more about creating a banquet menu your guests will love with Colonial Golf and Tennis Club. 

Fill out our event contact form today! We look forward to helping you make your event unforgettable. 

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