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The Ultimate Guide to Deciding What Time of Day to Get Married

The most popular times for weddings are typically between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. However, there’s no reason you have to pick a time within this frame. Maybe you want an evening ceremony lit by candles and enchanting rustic lanterns or to say your vows at sunset. 

Still, the time you choose will affect several elements of your special day, from the outcome of your photos to your choice of decor and even the cost of the occasion. 

In this guide, you’ll discover everything you need to know about choosing the best time of day for a wedding.

Understanding the Significance of Wedding Timing

Every couple wants their wedding day to be as memorable as possible. Ceremonies that start in the morning make it possible to spend the whole day making memories with loved ones. Leaving for your honeymoon in the evening gives you and your spouse more than enough time with your guests if you have a fresh early morning wedding. 

Having the ceremony in the afternoon or evening could be more pricey, and you’d have less time with your friends and family. However, if you’re planning a small, intimate occasion, you won’t need as much time with your guests.

If your wedding timeline is set to start in the morning, your special day will have a fresh, vibrant ambiance. But if you plan the event in the afternoon, the atmosphere will be more casual and relaxed. And if an evening reception is what you’re after, the occasion will be romantic and enchanting. 

Because the ambient setting will have a major impact on your wedding photos, it’s essential to choose a time of day that lets you capture the type of photos you want. Figuring out the best time of day for wedding photos depends entirely on the photography style you like. Whether you want a traditional photo shoot, a light and airy style, romantic portraits or any other style, timing affects lighting, which is a fundamental consideration in professional wedding photography.

Wedding Planning and Organization Timeline

Creating a timeline for your wedding day ensures there are no scheduling conflicts or confusion on the big day. Your timeline should include hair and makeup services, the photo shoot, individual portraits, guest photos, the wedding start time, reception start times, meal times, the first dance and more. 

Because the time of day will determine how many hours you have, it’s essential that your timeline complements the time of day the celebration takes place.

Morning vs. Evening Weddings: Pros, Cons and What Fits Your Style

Morning and evening offer different aesthetics and atmospheres. While morning weddings begin earlier and end by the afternoon, an evening event should start later in the afternoon and extend into the evening. Brunch or midday weddings tend to start later in the morning and wrap up later in the afternoon. 

The Charm of Morning Weddings at Colonial Golf & Tennis Club

Morning weddings are of the traditional kind. These occasions start and end early, which usually accommodates most guests. Beyond the convenience of tying the knot in the morning, this time of day is perfect for those after a big white wedding theme that incorporates class and sophistication. 

Natural lighting is ample in the morning and early afternoons, so this time of day is perfect for couples after traditional, lighthearted wedding photos and various classic and editorial styles.

The Romance of Evening Weddings

The Romance of Evening Weddings

Evening weddings are categorically romantic and formal. While these events can extend late into the night, the opportunity to use enchanting lighting decor helps set a stunning atmosphere. Twinkling fairy lights, hanging lanterns and charming chandeliers are just some ways to illuminate an evening wedding. 

But because there isn’t much natural light in the evenings, planning the photoshoot in the afternoon, before or during sunset, is wise. Sunset weddings make incredible photoshoot opportunities. Under a romantic sunset sky, there’s no end to the style of wedding photos you can choose, from playful styles to editorial and even fine art portraits.

The Benefits of a Midday Wedding Celebration

Midday or brunch weddings offer perfectly laid-back vibes for intimate weddings. This time of day might also be a bit more affordable as meals on the menu are generally lighter. 

Photographers can take advantage of abundant early afternoon lighting or embrace the romance of sunset lighting when planning a midday wedding. 

Best Times of Day to Get Married Throughout the Seasons

The atmosphere in the evening during summer is entirely different from the ambiance in the evening during winter. Because the season you decide to plan your wedding will impact the time of day you choose, you should pick a time that complements the season.

Spring and Summer: Embracing the Outdoors

Spring and summer time are the ideal seasons for outdoor weddings. Because the weather is warmer, there’s no restriction on the best time of day for outdoor weddings. However, you will need to plan around rain and make accommodations for sudden weather changes.

Fall and Winter Weddings: Seasonal Charm

If you choose a fall or winter wedding, planning the occasion indoors is typically best. Indoor spaces provide protection from the elements, and the best time of day for indoor weddings is afternoons and evenings when lighting becomes essential. 

You won’t want your guests to freeze in frigid temperatures in winter or put up with heavy winds in autumn, so booking a venue with an indoor space makes sense. 

Winter weddings offer quite an enchanting canvas. This season can complement a holiday theme with sparkling lights, snowflakes and a color palette of whites and silvers or whites and golds. 

Colonial Golf & Tennis Club Advantages for Your Wedding Day

Colonial Golf & Tennis Club has several different outdoor spaces. Our complete package includes everything from catering to a personal wedding coordinator, flexible spacing and an area large enough for your guest list: 

  • Exclusive wedding date assurance: We understand the immense stress that goes into planning a memorable wedding, so we won’t hold other parties on your special day. If the weather takes a turn for the worst, we’ll move your party indoors so your timeline won’t be affected. 
  • The picturesque setting for any time of day: With multiple outdoor spaces and an enchanting indoor space, our breathtaking property in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is perfect for any time of the day. Whether you want a fresh early morning wedding, a casual and lighthearted midday celebration or a sophisticated and formal evening occasion, Colonial Golf & Tennis Club caters to all wedding styles and themes. 
  • Tailored wedding experiences: Our complete package ensures your special day is an experience tailored to your vision. Your personal wedding coordinator will help you bring your dream wedding to life by assisting with everything from decor and flower arrangements to catering and creating your wedding timeline.

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Colonial Golf & Tennis Club offers comprehensive wedding packages that will take the stress out of wedding planning so you can focus on finding the perfect dress, planning your bridal shower and other finer touches. 

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