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3 Tips for Perfecting Your Golf Swing

Golf is an intricate sport that requires precision, strength, balance and flexibility. Whether you’re a beginner or a long-time golfer, there’s always more to learn to help you make the most of the game and improve your skills.

Learn how to perfect your golf swing, from your body’s position and stance to your swing’s speed. Here are three tips to help you improve your golf swing.

1. Adjust Your Stance

The secret to the perfect golf swing starts with your setup. When positioning your body most optimally, you begin with better balance. You also start with an improved foundation for swinging. As part of adjusting your stance, slightly tilt your shoulders while swinging. Tilt your left shoulder toward the ground as you turn toward the front while swinging. The subtle tilt will help you hit the ball farther.

2. Loosen Your Grip

Your grip on your club significantly impacts how you play. A tight grip can sometimes make other body parts, like your shoulders and arms, tense up. A tense body can affect your rhythm and make you lose power upon impact, making hitting the ball far and fast more challenging. Practice holding your club with different grip pressures to find one that suits you best. The perfect grip differs per player.

3. Stand Tall Upon Impact

Positioning your body correctly can help you improve your golf swing speed. While you set up for your hit with a bent posture, you should stand tall in your torso and chest as you follow through the downswing. Doing so lets you use the momentum from the swing to make contact with the ball at a greater speed. You’ll also be using power from your upper body instead of relying solely on your arms.

When finishing your swing, imagine you are pushing off the ground as if you are going to jump. The tall posture you assume while jumping is the posture you want to replicate when driving through the swing. Extending your upper body gives you more power to make your swing faster and stronger.

Practice Your Swings at Colonial Golf and Tennis Club

Improve your swings by yourself or with other golfers at Colonial Golf and Tennis Club. Use our practice areas or play a few rounds on our private 18-hole golf courseBecome a member to book a tee time with us today!

Practice your swings at Colonial Golf and Tennis Club
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