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Top Reasons Children Should Play Golf

Golf is a great way to get kids excited about being outside and nurture mental, emotional and social skills that will prepare them for life. This sport provides a safe environment for kids to be physically active while still challenging them and helping them grow.

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Physical Benefits of Playing Golf for Kids

golf promotes overall physical fitness

Golf promotes overall physical fitness by providing fun, low-impact and gentle exercise for kids of all ages. It also encourages children to spend more time in the fresh air and sunshine, fostering better physical health.

If you’d like your child to try other sports or physical activities in the future, golf will prepare them for success. This gentle, non-contact sport will help kids get used to movement, rules and equipment management.

Golf can strengthen core muscles and improve hand-eye coordination, giving children the strength and skills to master other sports and practice healthy exercise habits. The walking and swinging involved can also help improve a player’s balance and heart health.

Mental and Emotional Advantages of Playing Golf

golf encourages quiet time

Golf teaches children a wide variety of helpful mental and emotional skills, such as:

  • Etiquette: Golf can teach children to respect rules, equipment and other people, encouraging them to practice respect inside and outside of the sport.
  • Responsibility: Children will learn how to take care of their equipment and maintain punctuality when they play golf.
  • Discipline: Kids can learn the importance of following rules and practicing regularly so that they can hone their skills.
  • Honesty: Golf teaches children how to have integrity and value honest work and play.
  • Patience: As kids wait for their turn to play or strive to improve their abilities, they will learn how to be patient and diligent.
  • Self-control: When things don’t go the way they hoped, children can practice emotional control and grow in maturity.

Children can also develop many valuable workplace skills while playing golf. Some abilities include:

  • Strategizing
  • Decision making
  • Planning
  • Working with numbers

Social Benefits of Teaching Kids Golf

social benefits of golf for children

Getting kids involved in golf at an early age will set them up for success in life by teaching them many valuable social skills. Golf is a versatile sport with opportunities to play:


  • Alone: Children can work on quiet concentration, meditation and finding comfort in spending time on their own. Playing golf alone can help them build confidence and independence.
  • In a partnership or group: Playing with others can help children learn how to hold conversations and form relationships. It will also help them create lasting memories with families and friends.
  • As a team: Playing golf competitively encourages team spirit, helping kids learn how to support each other. It can also foster healthy competition and teach children motivation and persistence.


Enjoy the Benefits of Golf for Youth at Colonial Golf and Tennis

kid's golf lessons at colonial golf & tennis club

If you want your children to enjoy the many advantages of golf, consider enrolling in our junior program at Colonial Golf and Tennis. This program provides fun, age-appropriate lessons to help kids learn the rules and etiquette of golf while building emotional and social skills that will benefit them for life. Learn more about our Junior Golf Program today!

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