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How To Plan An Amazing Bridal Shower

Are you planning an event to celebrate the bride-to-be in your life? When you gather together to celebrate the bride, you want everything to be as special as the person you’re honoring. As one of the best bridal shower venues in Harrisburg, PA, Colonial Golf and Tennis Club offers flexible indoor and outdoor event spaces nestled among a picturesque Central Pennsylvania landscape. Our dedicated team is here to help you host the perfect bridal shower.

Colonial Golf and Tennis Club provides an elegant bridal shower venue, and we can support your event in many ways to make the process seamless. Follow these steps to make the most out of this special day for the bride:

1. Check With The Guest Of Honor

Before you make plans, consult the bride-to-be to see if she would like to be involved with her wedding shower. Gone are the days when a bridal shower was strictly a surprise for the bride. If she wants, the bride-to-be can offer her input and help guide the plans for the shower. Even if she wants to be surprised and leave the planning to you, she can still offer valuable information about the guest list, the best date and time for the party and her preferred themes and activities.

2. Establish The Date And Guest List

When you consider a date for the bridal shower, it can be helpful to leave at least four to six months to plan the event. It is also wise to note that people typically hold bridal showers two to six months before the wedding. Send out the invitations about six to eight weeks before the shower to give your guests plenty of time to clear their schedules, select a gift and RSVP.

It is essential to ask the bride for a list of the people she wants to attend. We recommend 30 to 50 people as the ideal number of guests to invite so you can include the bride’s closest family and friends. Every guest you invite to the bridal shower should likely be invited to the wedding, so make sure you clear the guests with the bride before inviting them.

3. Select The Venue

A bridal shower’s location is a crucial part of your party. You’ll want a space that reflects the fun and elegance of the bride-to-be and fits the atmosphere of the shower. You may even decide to construct the theme of your shower around the venue. At Colonial Golf and Tennis Club, you can choose our mid-sized rooms with a view, our spacious ballroom or our scenic outdoor event areas.

Our wedding shower venues in Harrisburg can exceed your expectations with spaces that accommodate up to 300 guests for large gatherings or provide a more intimate dynamic for smaller groups.

4. Decide On A Theme

Choosing a theme for your bridal shower can help you coordinate cohesive decorations. A suitable theme can also help get your guests excited for the shower and reflect the bride’s personality in the event. Be creative with your theme and consider the bride and her interests to make it individualized to her.

Popular themes for bridal showers include:

  • Brunch and bubbly theme
  • Wine tasting theme
  • Travel theme
  • Flower arranging theme

To raise the bar for your bridal shower, take advantage of unique signage that matches your theme. For a personalized touch, interweave your theme and its color scheme into your table signs, place markers and thematic seating charts. Using personalized stationery for your invitations will also complement the theme and aesthetic of the bridal shower.

5. Get Decorating

Once you have a theme, you can select eye-catching decorations to bring the shower to life. You can choose customized posters, floral arrangements and beautiful centerpieces complete with photo collages to celebrate the bride-to-be and this milestone in her life.

Decorations that work for a wide range of themes and styles include:

  • Garlands
  • String lights
  • Personalized table runners
  • Bridal shower balloons
  • Unique photo op installations with backdrops and props

6. Consider Your Menu

We know how important food is to a successful event, which is why we provide our own on-site catering. Our experienced Catering Director and renowned chef serve hand-crafted dishes with fresh ingredients to suit your guests’ tastes. We also cater to special dietary needs and preferences.

Our in-house catering is sure to satisfy your bridal shower guests, whether you desire a formal plated luncheon, a brunch buffet spread or a classic banquet meal. You can also keep things light with tasteful hors-d’oeuvres and dainty finger foods.

7. Plan Fun Games And Activities

Games are a staple at bridal showers as they keep everyone laughing and having a good time. Group activities can also help people who do not know each other come together to have fun. We recommend keeping things classy so all your guests, including any children, can participate.

Whether you’re playing two truths and a lie, wedding Jeopardy or something else, you’ll find ways to keep your guests entertained. For a humorous game, try passing around a piece of paper so each guest can contribute to an exaggerated recreation of how the couple met and fell in love.

8. Provide Cute Party Favors

Bridal shower party favors are a simple and meaningful way to thank your guests. It is best to choose something small, valuable and enjoyable. You can choose something that goes along with the overall shower theme or wedding theme. Popular choices for bridal shower favors include tasty sweets such as macarons or chocolates in a personalized packaging box or seed packets to encourage the new love to grow.

You can also try a self-pampering approach by gifting your guests custom lavender soap, rose bath bombs and lip balms in a customized cosmetic bag. Other favors that suit the mood of the shower could be pastel coffee mugs, scented candles, mini bottles of the bride’s favorite wine or champagne and succulents.

Throw a Bridal Shower With Colonial Golf and Tennis Club

If you are looking for a venue to host this special event for your bride-to-be, come to Colonial Golf and Tennis Club. We happily welcome our guests to customize the venue space to meet their theme’s aesthetic needs. Contact us today to book an event.

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