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How to Use Different Types of Golf Clubs

Golf involves using multiple kinds of golf clubs to help players achieve the perfect play. Whether you’re new to golf or need a reminder, understanding the different types of golf clubs and what to use them for can help you prepare for your practices and games.

Types of Golf Clubs


Woods encompass fairway woods and driver clubs. The club type is bigger than others, with a longer shaft and a large, round clubhead. Golfers use woods to shoot balls long distances. Their lightweight construction makes it easy to hit the ball hard and far.


Wedges are for shooting the ball onto the green from a short distance. They help players hit low-distance, accurate shots.

You can use four types of wedges to make various shots:

  • Pitching wedge
  • Gap wedge
  • Lob wedge
  • Sand wedge


Golfers use iron clubs to shoot the ball at different distances, usually within 200 yards. Irons come in short, long and middle forms, with different types ranging from 3-iron to 9-iron. Each iron serves a specific purpose, from being used on the first stroke on par-3s to hitting the ball on the green from par-4s or par-5s. Most golfers carry seven irons in their bags for variety.


Hybrid clubs are a mix of woods and irons. They bridge the gap in functionality between woods and irons by combining features from both club types into one. Hybrids have a woods-type head but a short shaft length like traditional irons. Using a club with both features makes it easier to hit the ball, making them excellent golf clubs for beginners.


A putter is the most important club to have and use at the end of the game. Golfers use it to put the ball in the hole. Putters have a strategic design that helps players roll the ball forward instead of trying to lift it off the ground.

Putters come in various shapes and sizes, so try them before purchasing to find the perfect fit. 

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