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First Golf Tournament Expectations

Entering your first golf tournament is an exciting moment in your golfing career. You’ll meet new people and test your skills against some of your area’s finest players. However, this new challenge can often be quite a nerve-wracking experience with added pressure to perform your best. Rather than letting your worries get the best of you, there are some things you can do to tame the expectations of your first tournament and make the most of your experience.

4 Tips to Approach Your First Tournament

If you’ve entered a golf tournament for beginners and strive to do your best, consider adding the following tips to your routine before you tee off. 

1. Practice Often

Once you know the tournament date, you can hit the green and refine your skills. If you want to bring your A-game during match play, it’s crucial to get in plenty of practice before the first round. You can hit off the driving range, work on your putting or squeeze in a few rounds with your friends. 

However you choose to practice, it’s crucial to take these activities, use the clubs you’ll use during the tournament and focus on the detailed aspects of your game, including grip, stance and swing. It’s also wise to work on the mental side of your game, preparing yourself to deal with missing an easy putt or sinking one in the water. 

2. Learn the Course

Before you arrive, you should understand the general layout of the course and the golf tournament’s rules. Familiarize yourself with the course by planning a visit. Knowing what to expect at each hole will go a long way to developing a strategy and controlling your nerves on the day.

Chances are the way you play with your friends on the weekend slightly differs from the formality of tournament play. Spend some time reviewing the rules and put a copy in your bag for a refresher during the match. 

3. Be Prepared and Arrive Early 

The best thing you can do when playing tournament golf is to show up early. You should arrive much earlier than you would for a normal golf day. Getting there with plenty of time will allow you to settle in and calm some of those pre-match nerves. This is also a great time to ensure you’ve brought the proper clubs, gear, water, etc. If you’ve forgotten something or the weather has changed, you’ll have time to make the necessary changes to be comfortable and ready to tee off! 

4. Keep a Positive Mindset

Remember that your nerves are a good thing! They show that you care and provide you with the adrenaline to stay focused and perform at your best. While they can feel overwhelming, trying to keep a positive outlook is essential. You’re not at the Masters with millions of people counting on you to win. 

Your first tournament is meant to be an enjoyable experience while you see what you can do against high-level players. Try to keep in mind why you signed up for the tournament and focus on controlling what you can! 

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