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Tips for Finding an Event Venue on a Budget

Do you have a wedding, graduation party or family reunion coming up in Central PA? Then you may be looking for somewhere to hold the event. You can’t fit that many people in your home, and you want the day to be special. Finding the right event location can ensure your big day is a big success.

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg, either. You can get a great event venue even if you have a limited budget by keeping a few simple tips in mind.


First, you may wonder how much you will have to pay for your venue. It depends on where you book. You can find places that cost a lot less by doing your research beforehand. Use social media to ask people for venue recommendations.

Any good venue should be willing to share its pricing with you upfront. Other questions you should ask include:

  • What else, if anything, do you get for the price on the big day?
  • Can the venue provide seating, place settings or a dance floor?
  • How many hours can you rent the venue for?
  • Will you need to handle any post-event cleaning?


Central Pennsylvania has many event venues that deliver the mix of budget-friendly options, open space and unforgettable atmosphere you desire. To find an affordable party venue, use these guidelines:

Look beyond the usual places: Consider non-traditional areas to hold the event, such as an art gallery or an outdoor space.

  • Talk to your friends: Word of mouth is a fantastic way to discover budget-friendly event locations. You may have friends who recently had a wedding, blowout birthday party or another event. Ask them about other options they considered and why they decided to go with their final choice.
  • Consider your decorations: Another key to affordability is keeping expenses for the rest of the party in check. You may find that your overall budget balloons with party decor, favors, food and other extras, so make sure you don’t cancel out your venue savings by overpaying in other areas.
  • Know your budget and stick to it: Go into the venue-seeking process with a firm number in mind, and narrow your search based on that figure. You won’t be able to afford anything else for the event if you blow through your venue budget.
  • Look outside of downtown: If you try to get a space in downtown Harrisburg, you will pay more than you would for somewhere outside the bustle of the city. Consider places with more space for parking, which will also knock down the venue asking price.
  • Book as soon as possible: Affordable event venues are always in demand. You may have to book early to secure your spot. Once you have decided on the location, put down your deposit and breathe a sigh of relief.

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You can find a party venue on a budget. Contact Colonial Golf and Tennis Club to learn more about our event space and services, including in-house catering.

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